Their Record Together

Brian Pallister did a lot of damage to Manitoba, and Heather Stefanson stood with him every step of the way.

When he made pandemic decisions that hurt patients, doctors and nurses, Heather Stefanson helped implement his agenda. And when Manitobans voiced their opposition, she was nowhere to be found.

Even as Health Minister, she didn’t speak up or fight back when Manitobans needed her.

In fact, she helped Pallister plan it. She chaired the PC party’s policy committee for years and she approved all of his cuts at the most senior levels.

They worked together to make your life harder:

  • Expensive hydro bills
  • Longer ER wait times
  • Crowded classrooms for kids
  • Pandemic chaos

With Premier Heather Stefanson in charge, Manitobans can expect more of Pallister’s cuts.